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Trading Divergences 背离交易: Page 7 of 8

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Divergence Cheat Sheet

Let’s review!

There are two types of divergences:

  1. Regular divergence
  2. Hidden divergence

Each type of divergence will contain either a bullish bias or a bearish bias.

Since you’ve all be studying hard and not been cutting class, we’ve decided to help y’all out (cause we’re nice like that) by giving you a cheat sheet to help you spot regular and hidden divergences quickly.

Type Bias Price Oscillator Description Example
Regular Bullish Lower Low Higher Low Indicates underlying strength. Bears are exhausted.Warning of possible trend direction change from downtrend to uptrend. Regular Bullish Divergence: Price (LL), Oscillator (HL)
Bearish Higher High Lower High Indicates underlying weakness. Bulls are exhausted.Warning of possible trend direction change from uptrend to downtrend. Regular Bearish Divergence: Price (HH), Oscillator (LH)
Hidden Bullish Higher Low Lower Low Indicates underlying strength. Good entry or re-entry. Occurs during retracements in an uptrend. Nice to see during price retest of previous lows. “Buy the dips” Hidden Bullish Divergence: Price (HL), Oscillator (LL)
Bearish Lower High Higher High Indicates underlying weakness. Found during retracements in a downtrend. Nice to see during price retests of previous highs. “Sell the rallies” Hidden Bearish Divergence: Price (LH), Oscillator (HH)

Whew! That’s quite a lot to remember, isn’t it? We’ll give you two options:

  1. You can write this all down in your palm and look back on it while trading. If you’re the type who gets sweaty palms when you’re nervous, we wouldn’t recommend this.
  2. You can simply bookmark this page and just revisit it when you mix up those higher lows, lower highs, lower lows, and higher highs. You don’t want to make a wild guess while coming up with a trade, do you?




           1. 常规背离

           2. 隐藏背离




           1. 你能够将它们记在手掌上,当需要温习的时候回过头来看看。但是,

           2. 你能够将本页做一个书签,当你对这些更高的低点、更低的高点、更低的低点,