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Summary Of Pivot Points

Forex Pivot Points



Here are some easy-to-memorize tips that will help you to make smart pivot point trading decisions:

  • Pivot points are a technique used by forex traders to help determine potential support and resistance areas.
  • There are four main ways to calculate for pivot points: Standard, Woodie, Camarilla, and Fibonacci.
  • Pivots can be extremely useful in forex since many currency pairs usually fluctuate between these levels. Most of the time, price ranges between R1 and S1.
  • Pivot points can be used by range, breakout, and trend traders.
  • Range-bound forex traders will enter a buy order near identified levels of support and a sell order when the pair nears resistance.
  • Pivot points also allow breakout forex traders to identify key levels that need to be broken for a move to qualify as a strong momentum move.
  • Sentiment (or trend) forex traders use pivot points to help determine the bullishness or bearishness of a currency pair.
  • The simplicity of pivot points definitely makes them a useful tool to add to your trading toolbox. It allows you to see possible areas that are likely to cause price movement. You’ll become more in sync to market movements and make better trading decisions.
  • Using pivot point analysis alone is not always enough. Learn to use pivot points along with other technical analysis tools such as candlestick patterns, MACD crossover, moving averages crossovers, the stochastic, RSI, etc. The greater the confirmation, the greater your probability of a successful trade!



           ● 枢纽点是交易者用来确定潜在的支撑和阻力位的技术工具。

           ● 有四种计算枢纽点的方法:标准计算方法、伍迪计算方法、卡玛利拉计算方法和斐波那契计算方法。

           ● 在外汇交易中,枢纽点的计算极其有用,因为绝大多数货币对通常维持在这些水平位之间波动。

           ● 枢纽点能够用来进行区间交易、突破行情交易以及趋势交易。

           ● 区间交易者将在汇价接近已经确定的支撑位附近水平买入,并在汇价接近阻力位时卖出。

           ● 突破行情交易者也可以利用枢纽点来鉴别关键突破位,汇价在突破这一价位后可能出现强劲突破行情走势。

           ● 情绪或趋势交易者利用枢纽点以帮他们确定某一货币对是处于牛市或熊市。

           ● 枢纽点的简易性使得我们能够很方便的将它们放入我们的外汇交易工具箱里面。

           ● 仅仅利用枢纽点来指导我们的交易远远不够。我们需要学会将枢纽点和其他技术分析工具结合使用,