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Oscillators and Momentum indicators 振荡器&动量指标: Page 4 of 4

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Summary: Leading and Lagging Indicators

Forex Leading and Lagging Indicators

Here’s a quick recap of what we discussed in this lesson:

There are two types of indicators: leading and lagging.

  1. A leading indicator or an oscillator gives a signal before the new trend or reversal occurs.
  2. A lagging indicator or a momentum indicator gives a signal after the trend has started.

If you’re able to identify the type of market you are trading in, you can pinpoint which indicators could give accurate signals and which ones are worthless at that time.

So, how do you figure out when to use oscillators or momentum indicators, or both?

That’s another million dollar question! After all, we know they don’t always work in tandem.

We’ll give you a million dollars really soon…

Oh wait! We meant the million dollar answer!

For now, just know that once you’re able to identify the type of market you are trading in, you will then know which indicators will give accurate signals, and which ones are worthless at that time.

This is no piece of cake. But it’s a skill you will slowly improve upon as your experience grows.


You’re not at it alone!

In the future sections, we’re going to teach you how to correctly identify the forex market environment you are trading in to better use these indicators!

总结:领先指标 和 滞后的指标




            1. 领先指标或震荡指标,在新趋势的开始或者逆转发生之前,就发出了信号。

            2. 滞后指标或动量指标,在新趋势的开始或者逆转发生之后,才会发出信号。