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Multiple Time Frame Analysis 多重时间框架分析: Page 7 of 7

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Summary Of Multiple Time Frame Analysis

Tips on Trading Multiple Time Frames in Forex

So now you’re done! Now you can add multiple time frame analysis to your forex trading tool box!



Here are a few tips you should remember:

  • You have to decide what the correct time frame is for YOU. This comes from trying different time frames out through different market environments, recording your results, and analyzing those results to find what works for you.
  • Once you’ve found your preferred time frame, go up to the next higher time frame. Then make a strategic decision to go long or short based on the direction of the trend. Then return to your preferred time frame (or lower) to make tactical decisions about where to enter and exit (place stop and profit target).
  • Adding the dimension of time to your analysis gives you an edge over the other tunnel vision forex traders who only trade off on only one time frame.
  • Make it a habit to look at multiple time frames when trading.
  • Make sure you practice! You don’t wanna get caught up in the heat of trading not knowing where the time frame button is! Make sure you know how to shift quickly between them. Heck, you should even practice having chart containing multiple time frames up at the same time!
  • Choose a set of time frames that you are going to watch, and only concentrate on those time frames. Learn all you can about how the market works during those time frames.
  • Don’t look at too many time frames, you’ll be overloaded with too much information and your brain will explode. And you’ll end up with a messy desk since there will be blood splattered everywhere. Stick to two or three time frames. Any more than that is overkill.
  • We can’t repeat this enough: Get a bird’s eye view. Using multiple time frames resolves contradictions between indicators and time frames. Always begin your market analysis by stepping back from the markets and looking at the big picture.

Don’t believe us? Find out what other traders have to say about finding the best time frame to trade.





            ● 你必须确定适合你自身的正确时间框架。为了确定合适自身的时间框架,

            ● 一旦你已经找到你所偏好的时间框架,请打开更长时间框架的图形。然后,

            ● 对更长时间框架图形的分析,你可以获得那些只关注单一时间维度的交易者所不曾好获得的更加广阔的交易视角。

            ● 当进行交易时,养成多重时间框架分析的习惯。

            ● 确保进行一定的交易练习。不要在进行交易的时候,还不知道切换不同时间窗口的按钮。

            ● 选择你将要观察的一组时间框架,并集中于对这些时间框架的研究上,

            ● 不要关注过多的时间框架,过多的时间窗口信息会让你力不从心,你甚至有可能会因此崩溃。

            ● 对价格走势有一个全局性的把握还不够。你应该利用多重时间框架分析,