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Market Sentiment 市场情绪: Page 9 of 9

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Summary Of Market Sentiment

The COT Report is one way to determine forex market sentiment.

Did those thousand-pip moves excite you?

Before we start betting the farm based on our analysis of the COT report, remember that those were just specific cases of when the COT report signalled a perfect market reversal.

The best thing to do would be to back test and look at reasons why a reversal took place.

Was the economy booming?

Or was it in the middle of a recession?

Remember, the COT report measures the sentiment of traders during a specific period of time. Like every other tool in your toolbox, using the COT report as an indicator does not always correlate to market reversals. So take the time to study this report and get your own feel of what works and what doesn’t.

Also, before we bring this lesson to an end, always keep in mind that market prices aren’t driven by solely COT reports, stochastic, Fibonacci levels, etc.

The markets are driven by the millions of people reacting to economic analysis, fundamental reports, politics, Godzilla attacks, UFO sightings, Lady Gaga concerts – life in general! It is how you use these tools that will help you be prepared to what lies ahead.

In conclusion…

  • As forex traders, it is our job to gauge what the market is feeling.
  • One way to gauge market sentiment extremes is through the Commitment of Traders Report.
  • By understanding the activities of the three groups of traders (commercial traders, non-commercial, retail traders), we can find ourselves in better positions to fish for tops and bottoms.
  • Remember, every market top or bottom is accompanied by a sentiment extreme, but not every sentiment extreme results in a market top or bottom.









       市场的价格移动是由成千上万的人,根据:经济分析、基本面数据、政治因素、日本怪兽Godzilla的袭击、不明飞行物体UFO的目击报导、性感天后Lady GaGa的流行音乐演唱会等等 —— 各种日常生活发生的普通事件,所做出的反应。重点是你如何使用这些工具,来帮助你提前做好准备,居盈思亏。


         •  作为交易者们,我们要做的,就是时刻衡量市场的情绪,是否受到什么的影响。

         •  而衡量市场极端情绪的方法之一,就是使用交易商的持仓报告。

         •  通过了解三个组别的交易商们(商业交易商、非商业交易商、零售交易商),的持仓情况,

         •  切记,每个价格波动的顶部或底部,都伴随着市场极端的情绪;但并不是每次市场出现极端情绪时,价格就会出现顶部或底部。