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How to Find the COT Report

Step 1:

Open up the address below in your web browser. (

The Commitments of Traders (COT) Report

Step 2:

Once the page has loaded, scroll down a couple of pages to the “Current Legacy Report” and click on “Short Format” under “Futures Only” on the “Chicago Mercantile Exchange” row to access the most recent COT report.

COT Report

Step 3:

It may seem a little intimidating at first because it looks like a big giant gobbled-up block of text but with a little bit of effort, you can find exactly what you’re looking for. Just press CTRL+F (or whatever the find function is of your browser) and type in the currency you want to find.

To find the British Pound Sterling, or GBP, for example, just search up “Pound Sterling” and you’ll be taken directly to a section that looks something like this:

GBP COT Report

Yowza! What the heck is this?! Don’t worry. We’ll explain each category below.

  • Commercial: These are the big businesses that use currency futures to hedge and protect themselves from too much exchange rate fluctuation.
  • Non-Commercial: This is a mixture of individual traders, hedge funds, and financial institutions. For the most part, these are traders who looking to trade for speculative gains. In other words, these are traders just like you who are in it for the Benjamins!
  • Long: That’s the number of long contracts reported to the CFTC.
  • Short: That’s the number of short contracts reported to the CFTC.
  • Open interest: This column represents the number of contracts out there that have not been exercised or delivered.
  • Number of traders: This is the total number of traders who are required to report positions to the CFTC.
  • Reportable positions: The number of options and futures positions that are required to be reported according to CFTC regulations.
  • Non-reportable positions: The number of open interest positions that do not meet the reportable requirements of the CFTC like retail traders.

If you want to access all available historical data, you can view it here.

You can see a lot of things in the COT report but you don’t have to memorize all of it.

As a budding trader, you’ll only be focusing on answering the basic question:

“Wat da dilly on da market yo?!”

Translation: “What’s the market feeling this week?


       在你的浏览器打开以下的网页 (

       当页面显示完后,滑鼠向下滚动两下,直到你看见到 "Current Legacy Report" 的标题,寻找在"Futures Only"和"Chicago Mercantile Exchange" 栏位,交叉的"Short Format"。点击就可以获得最新的COT报告了。

       虽然它刚开始看起来可能有点可怕,因为它就像是个用一块块文字堆起来的大巨人,但只要随着一点点的努力,您就可以准确地找到您所要的了。你只需要按下Ctrl + F(或您浏览器上的任何搜索功能)就可以了。

       要搜索英镑或是GBP,你只需要搜索“Pound Sterling”或是“GBP”,你就会直接跳到你想要的数据区域,看起来像这样:


• Commercial(商业头寸):

• Non-Commercial(非商业头寸):

• Long(多头头寸):这是报告给CFTC的多头合同数量。

• Short(空头头寸):这是报告给CFTC的空头合约数量。

• Open interest(未清算合约):


• Number of traders(交易商人数):

• Reportable positions(需要交报告的头寸):

•  Non-reportable positions(不需要交报告的头寸):




       “Wat da dilly on da market yo?!?”