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Harmonic Price Patterns 谐波价格形态

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Harmonic Price Patterns in the Forex Market

Harmonic Price Patterns in the Forex Market

Now that you’ve got the basic chart patterns down, it’s time to move on and add some more advanced tools to your forex trading arsenal.

In this lesson, we’ll be looking at harmonic price patterns. These bad boys may be a little harder to grasp but once you spot these setups, it can lead to some very nice profits!

The whole idea of these patterns is that they help people spot possible retracements of recent trends. In fact, we’ll make use of other tools we’ve already covered – the Fibonacci retracement and extensions!

Combining these wonderful tools to spot these harmonic price patterns, we’ll be able to distinguish possible areas for a continuation of the overall trend.

In this lesson, we’re going to discuss the following Harmonic Price Patterns:

  • ABCD Pattern
  • Three-Drive Pattern
  • Gartley Pattern
  • Crab Pattern
  • Bat Pattern
  • Butterfly Pattern

Phew! That’s quite a lot to cover!

But don’t you worry… Once you get the hang of things, it’ll be as easy as 1-2-3!

We’ll start off with the more basic ABCD and three-drive patterns before moving on to Gartley and the animals.

After learning about them, we’ll take a look at the tools you need in order to trade these patterns successfully in the forex market.

For all these harmonic price patterns, the point is to wait for the entire pattern to complete before taking any short or long trades. You’ll see what we’re talking about later on so let’s get started!







           ● ABCD形态

           ● 三重驱动形态

           ● Gartley形态

           ● 螃蟹形态

           ● 蝙蝠形态

           ● 蝴蝶形态


       但你不用担心... 一旦你掌握了这些知识,它们会像数1-2-3一样的容易!我们将先从基本的ABCD形态和三重驱动形态开始学习,然后再进入到 Gartley形态和各种动物形态。


       对于所有的这些谐波形态,关键是要等到整个图案完成后,再采取做多或做空交易。 你会在接下来的课程中,看到我们所说的是什么。所以,现在马上开始吧!