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Elliott Wave Theory艾略特波浪理论: Page 4 of 7

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Elliott Waves Within an Elliott Wave

Like we mentioned earlier, Elliott waves are fractals. Each wave is made of sub-waves. Huh? Let me show you another picture. Pictures are great, aren’t they? Yee-haw!


Elliott Wave Theory
Do you see how Waves 1, 3, and 5 are made up of a smaller 5-wave impulse pattern while Waves 2 and 4 are made up of smaller 3-wave corrective pattern?


Always remember that each wave is comprised of smaller wave patterns. This pattern repeats itself…


To make it easy to label these waves, the Elliott Wave Theory has assigned a series of categories to the waves in order of the largest to the smallest. They are:

  • Grand Supercycle (multi-century)
  • Supercycle (about 40–70 years)
  • Cycle (one year to several years)
  • Primary (a few months to a couple of years)
  • Intermediate (weeks to months)
  • Minor (weeks)
  • Minute (days)
  • Minuette (hours)
  • Sub-Minuette (minutes)

A Grand Supercycle is made up of Supercycle waves which is made up of Cycle waves which is made up Primary waves, which is made up of Intermediate waves which is made up of Minor waves which is made up of Minute waves which is made up of Minuette waves which is made up of Sub-Minuette waves. Did you get all that?

Okay, to make things much clearer, let’s see how an Elliott Wave looks in real life.

Elliott Wave Theory IRL

As you can see, waves aren’t shaped perfectly in real life. You’ll also learn it’s sometimes difficult to label waves. But the more you stare at charts the better you’ll get.

Besides, we’re not going to let you go at it alone! In the following sections, we’ll give you some tips on how to correctly and easily identify waves as well as teach you how to trade using Elliott Waves. Surf’s up!


       就像我们前面提到的,艾略特波浪也属于分形,每一浪都是由数个小波浪所组成的。 咦?让我给你看另一张图片。图片是伟大的,不是吗?哇哈哈!




       为了更简单的标识这些波浪的大小形态,艾略特波浪理论把它们从最大到最小的波浪,分配到一系列的等级类别中。 它们是:

          • 超大级循环浪(Grand Superrcyclc)

          • 超级循环浪(Supercycle)

          • 循环浪(Cycle)

          • 基本浪(Primary)

          • 中型浪(Intermediate)

          • 小型浪(Minor)

          • 细浪(Minute)

          • 微浪(Minuette)

          • 次微浪(Subminuette)



       正如你看到的,波浪形态在实际例子中并不完美。 您也应该发现到,有时很难标志是第几级的波浪。 但你盯着图表看的时间越长,你就会辨识出更多级别的浪。