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Beware Kind Of Broker and Protect yourself against Scam

While you may feel like a dwarf among big bad brokers, it doesn’t mean that you have to take their abuse! If you are disheartened because it seems that brokers have all the advantage, rest assured that there are a few simple measures to help even the odds.

Compare Price Feeds

Imagine a horse with blinders. This horse’s vision is limited to what’s in front of him. If there is a hurdle in front, this horse has no other choice but to exert the additional effort needed to jump over it. This horse is a very sad horse.

If you only use the price feed on your trading platform, you are basically trading like a horse with blinders on.

You have no idea what’s going on in the rest of the forex world because you have limited yourself to your broker’s price feed. If your broker chooses to widen spreads, manipulate rates, and run your stops, you have no way of knowing if the move resembled the general market.

You do not want to be a sad horse. Because you are a smart trader, you want to have the most complete view of the market as possible.

The best way to do this is to subscribe to a second, third, or even fourth price feed. That way, you get another view of the market, and you’d have a chance to confirm whether price really moved the way it did.

Record Everything

Prevent forex broker scams by keeping records.

Always keep a detailed journal tracking ALL of your transactions! Always, always, always! Like in a courtroom, you need evidence to make a case. You may FEEL cheated, but if you have nothing to back it up, then that feeling will remain just a feeling.

The easiest way to keep records is to take a screenshot of each order you put, each trade you take, and other suspicious broker activity like odd price feeds.

Not only is this good trade journaling, but it will come in handy if have been victimized by an errant fill. By properly tracking the trades you take, you can assure yourself that you will always have evidence needed to support your case in the event that you file a dispute with your broker.

File Legal Action

If you cannot settle your conflict with your broker, then it is time for you to take legal action. Most brokers give in when faced with the threat of legal action, but if they do not, you can approach either the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) or the National Futures Associations (NFA).

The CFTC has a Reparations program that provides an “inexpensive, expeditious, fair, and impartial forum to handle customer complaints and resolve disputes between futures customers and commodity futures trading professionals.” You can check out their program here.

Likewise, the NFA has an Arbitration/Mediation program that helps FCM’s and their clients resolve disputes. For more information, just head on over to the NFA’s website.

Good Trading Habits

Like a disciplined nun who wears a habit, you too should develop good trading habits. We know that joke doesn’t make sense, but it sounded funny so we might as well put it here. In any case, even with the proper weapons to protect yourself against evil brokers, the most important thing is still to become a better trader.

Know that no matter how advanced your charting software is, no matter how much time you put into finding the right broker, no matter how complicated your trading system is, without proper discipline, you will end up losing.

It is very easy to put the blame on brokers, but at the end of the day, it is really your choices that get you to where you want to go.


虽然你可能会想要一颗矮星大坏经纪之间,它并不意味着你要他们滥用 !如果你是心灰意冷,因为它似乎经纪人有所有的优势,请放心有几个简单的措施来帮助甚至赔率。








Prevent forex broker scams by keeping records.

始终保持跟踪您的全部交易的详细的日志 !总是,总是,永远 !就像在法庭上,你需要证据来证明有一例。你可能 觉得 被骗了,但如果你没有将它备份起来,然后这种感觉依然是一种感觉。

保持记录的最简单方式是采取 截图 你把每个订单,你拿,每笔交易和其他可疑经纪活动像奇怪的价格为食。



如果你与你的经纪人不能解决你的冲突,它就是你要采取法律行动的时候。多数券商给面对法律行动的威胁时,但如果他们不这样做,你可以接触 商品期货交易委员会 (CFTC) 全国期货协会 (NFA)

商品期货交易委员会有一个赔偿计划,提供"价格低廉、 迅速、 公平和公正论坛来处理客户投诉和解决期货客户和商品期货交易的专业人员之间的纠纷"。你可以看看他们的计划 在这里

同样,NFA 已帮助 FCM 的和他们的客户解决争端的仲裁/调解程序。有关详细信息,只是头部到 NFA 的 网站